Brain Myth – This makes Sense

We have five senses . . . not
Sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch are the big ones. But we have many other ways of sensing the world and our place in it:

  • Proprioception is a sense of how our bodies are positioned.
  • Nociception is a sense of pain
  • Sense of balance—the inner ear is to this sense as the eye is to vision
  • Sense of body temperature
  • Sense of acceleration 
  • Sense of the passage of time

Compared with other species, though, humans are missing out. Bats and dolphins use sonar to find prey; some birds and insects see ultraviolet light; snakes detect the heat of warmblooded prey; rats, cats, seals and other whiskered creatures use their “vibrissae” to judge spatial relations or detect movements; sharks sense electrical fields in the water; birds, turtles and even bacteria orient to the earth’s magnetic field lines.

Sense of Amusement by Peggy



March 12-18, 2018 is Brain Awareness Week (BAW) is a nationwide effort organized by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives and the Society for Neuroscience to promote the public and personal benefits of brain research.