Wonderfully Wacky & Workable Weight Management

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Wonderfully Wacky & Workable Weight Loss

 for the Wonderfully Wise, Warm Hearted and Willing.


Holding onto your Humor while Losing Weight  

Lift your spirit!

Drop your weight

Create a life to celebrate!

By Judith Westerfield, M.A., MFT, RET

Freddie Parker Westerfield, C.C.A., Certified Canine Author


You’re not lazy, you’re not crazy if you’ve made resolution after resolution, set goal after goal to lose weight, maintain weight, and then not been able to do what you said you were going to do, wanted or even medically needed to do.

You’re not stupid, you know exactly what to do:  Eat less, exercise more – out-put more than you in-put. You know all about carbs & proteins and the glycemic index. You’ve experienced the sugar highs and loved them just like me. How many diet books have you read? How many diet plans have you tried – or at least thought about?  How many times have you yo-yoed up and down?  (Just that fact that you understand what  “yo-yoed” means and you’re not picturing the toy, says it all).  

SO!  I’m not going to bore you with what you already know.  The wonderfully Wacky Weight Management is for you to LIGHTEN up physically, emotionally and intellectually.

Learning to be Lean 

We learn the same way we learned as children:

  • Repetition, repetition, repetition. 
  • It needs to be fun or interesting to be motivating,
  • What we are doing holds our attention for no more than 20 minutes 
  • When we’ve learned what we need, move on to the next “toy”


The good news about eating habits! You eat everyday, several times a day, maybe even all day long!  The more repetitions you make the quicker you learn.  And new action you take everyday or times a day will take only two to three weeks to install. 

More good news! It doesn’t take as long to replace an old habit with a new one as it did to create the old habit in the first place.  New habits can be formed in a little as 20 days. 


Each new choice requires motivation.  The biggest motivators are fear, pain and pleasure.  Now if you are like me you want to avoid the fear and pain.  That’s why I wrote Wonderfully Wacky & Workable Weight Loss for the Wonderfully Wise, Warm Hearted and Willing 

(The biggest motivator is weight loss itself.  Other motivators are special occasions, health crisis.

Monotony Creates Momentum

There’s evidence that eating the same foods every day takes the guess work out of and helps with weight loss.)

I’ve tried EVERYTHING I’m going to share with you, well, not everything but I’ve thought about all of it a lot and am going to try it.  So if you try it first please let me know how it was for you!

Hindsight is Always 20/20 Plan

There’s absolutely NO scientific basis to this but it will work for you if you make it your own.  What do I mean by that?  With most diet plans you follow them.  With the Hindsight is Always 20/20 the plan follows you. In other words, you take the simple steps and match them to the circumstance.  

You can:

  • Do all of them all of the time. 
  • Do some of them some of the time.
  • Do all of them some of the time or 
  • Do some of them all of the time. 

and my favorite, keeps me on track and gives me permission not to be perfect. . .

  • Do all of them most of the time.

When you LOOK BACK from where you started you might be surprised to SEE that who you envision yourself to be is in FOCUS!  

Hindsight is Always 20/20!

Here are the steps to mix & match:
( # 5 – 20 minutes to digest and # 6 – 20 days .to form a new habit are both mandatory!)

20 sips of non-sugared liquid – broth, water, soup, tea etc. – before eating a snack or a meal.
20 chews per bite
20% left on your plate
20 minutes of activity* **
20 minutes to digest. Wait 20 minutes after snacking and meals before you eat again. (mandatory!)
20 days to form a new habit. (mandatory!)

You are only 20 sips, chews, minutes, days away from looking better, feeling better, being better. 

*If you are not in good physical condition or have a medical condition always consult first with your doctor.

** If you don’t have a lot of time the 20 minutes can be broken into 5, 10, 15 minute increments.  For example: Do “sitting down” jumping jacks, dance around the house, rake the lawn, march in place, walk the dog (Max’s idea), 

You can stop reading any farther because the Hindsight is Always 20/20 Plan is the best, the easiest and recommended by 4 out of 5 of my friends & family.

But you might as well take a look at the rest and get your money’s worth.

 Boldly Binging

Taste is only one aspect of what we eat and drink.  Texture is as important. For example: Fat has a “feel” in our mouth. Whole milk tastes” creamier, has more body, than non-fat milk.  Ever have a desire for something you can “sink your teeth into”? Something that is “smoooooth”?  Something that “tingles on your tongue”?  So instead of focusing on taste let’s focus on how it “feels” in your mouth. 

And because you deserve an occasional binge, here’s the Boldly Binging plan:

Once a week you eat or drink as much as you want, for a maximum of 6 consecutive hours.
Chew every bite 20 times. Count to 20 between each slurp.
Choose from ONE of the categories described below. (No combining categories)
Assign any food you want to consume to one category. Once a food or beverage is assigned to a category, no moving it to another category.

Chomp & Chew – Eat as much as you want of anything that is chewy.
Examples: Chocolate, chewing gum, meat, poultry, chewy cookies,
Fresh vegetables, rice, dried fruit . . .

Mush & Mash – Eat as much as you want of anything that can be mashed.
Examples: Chocolate, Tomatoes, potatoes, oatmeal, peaches,
cooked vegetables, cake, bread . . .

Munch & Crunch – Eat as much as you want of anything that is crunchy.
Examples: Chocolate, popcorn, chips, celery, apples, nuts, toast,
hard candy, fried chicken . . .

Burp & Slurp – Have as much as you like of anything that is
slurpy (liquid or can be melted)
Examples: Chocolate, milk shakes, ice cream, ice cubes, juices,
syrup, punch, yogurt, Popsicles . . .

Boldly Binging Personal Food Groups Worksheet

Assign any food you want to consume to one category. Once a food or beverage is assigned to a category, no moving it to another category!

    • Chomp & Chew – Eat as much as I want of anything that is chewy.






  • Mush & Mash – Eat as much as I want of anything that can be mashed.






  • Munch & Crunch  Eat as much as I want of anything that is crunchy.

,        ______________________________________________________





  • Burp & Slurp  – Have as much as I want of anything that is slurpy (liquid or can be melted)


Chewsey Choices


Putting the Horse Before the Cart

Eating is a necessity. What, when, where & how much are choices.

Practice making choices Habits ! 

Most weight loss plans have you write down what you’ve eaten after the deed is done. Writing down what you’ve eaten is an excellent tool. It works because it makes you conscious of what and how much you eat while you are eating.  This plan makes you think & choose BEFORE you eat which makes your habit building even more of a Conscious Choice*

Here’s the catch!  You have to choose what you chews!

*Choice – Unless you are under the age of 18, being held captive or are the family pet (Max insists on pointing this out) you choose what, where, when and how much to eat.

Here’s the Chewsy Choices plan:  Duplicate the following form

I choose . . . . . . to eat & drink I chose . . .
Before eating After eating
When/Where:______________________________________ Check off
What/How much: ________________________________________________________ _____
_______________________________________________________ _____
________________________________________________________ _____ ________________________________________________________ _____
________________________________________________________ _____
________________________________________________________ _____
________________________________________________________ _____

Before you eat:
EVERY TIME you eat, meals & snacks, for 20 days write When, Where, What and How on the card.
If you don’t have a card handy, before you order or eat say it out loud if you’re alone (or silently in public!):

“I choose to eat______________________________________________”
(When, Where, What, How much)

20 minutes after you finish eating:
Review the card and check off what you have eaten.
Note if you chose to follow your choices or any observations that might be helpful or interesting. Ex: I ate even when I wasn’t hungry, I ate more because I was alone, I stuck to my choices and felt good etc.
Throw away the card, immediately or at the end of the day.
Ingest, digest, eliminate!

I choose . . . . . . to eat & drink I chose . . .
Before eating After eating
When/Where:______________________________________ Check off
What/How much: ________________________________________________________ _____
_______________________________________________________ _____
________________________________________________________ _____ ________________________________________________________ _____
________________________________________________________ _____
________________________________________________________ _____
________________________________________________________ _____


Boot Camp for the Brain

Our brains are smart but not THAT smart.  We can “program” them consciously.  You’re the drill sergeant, your brain is the recruit.   Like any good drill sergeant you drill it into your brain how to feel, what to think and what to do..

In gentler situations it’s called affirmation.  Affirming how you want to feel when you do what you need to do so you’ll have what you want to have!  I call it “Boot Camp for the Brain because the affirmations” are repeated in cadence while you are moving.

Drills and affirmations work best if coupled with exercise. Your muscle memory likes the connection.  Here are examples of “drills” I say out loud, timing them to my steps while I’m walking. 

You can say them in cadence while you are walking, jogging, strength training or any physical movement

Pick one, or make one up, and try it!

Boot Camp for the Brain Easy Exercise Drills

I know I matter

As I get less fatter

 Say, All are created by GOD

Yo Ho, away I go     

Slim & trim    

 Carbs no mo!


I feel good

I feel great

There’s less food on my plate

Every day in every way

 Little by little

 I whittle away

I feel good I feel greatboots

 I eat air after eight

I feel good I feel great

I eat veggies after eight

I’m fit and fast

This will last

Picky, picky, pick

 An eater I’ve become

 Measuring portions

 By my fist or my thumb

Rooty toot toot

 My dessert is fruit

Heidi Hey

Heidi Ho

 Eating my vegetablesshoes

 Way to go!

Hup, 2, 3, 4

                    Shop the perimeter of the store

                    5, 6, 7, 8

                    Walk the walk with a steady gate

                    Hup 2, 3, 4

                    Slowly eat, don’t ask for more

                    Pounds off! 3, 4!

                    Pounds off!

                   Healthy foods go in my mouth

                    From there they travel south

                    My body takes it in

                    Mind & body, It’s a win

Do what Max Does

  • Eat only what you are given
  • Run around in circles before meals.
  • If it doesn’t taste good, ignore it until someone comes along and adds flavor
  • Have doggie genes
  • Never get a haircut so no one can see your body size, unless you’re wet.
  • Never wear clothes; they add weight to the scaleLimit your activities to eating, sleeping, resting, & having fun. cookdog copy
  • Drink lots of water, even if it’s not the freshest of puddles.
  • Poop & pee with regularity.
  • Chew bones, they burn up calories
  • Eat from a bowl on the floor
  • Always come from love.

Wacky Tacky Ways 

Here are some practical and not so practical things to do to reduce your food intake.  If you don’t have the courage to try them just picture doing it in your mind’s eye the next time you eat.  Guaranteed to make you slow down and think:

  • Whistle while you eat:  Verrrrry hard to put a lot in your mouth and you must really concentrate!  Particularly good in restaurants that serve gigantic portions
  • Drink Metamucil before eating.  This is an honest-to-goodness tip from Dr. Memhet Oz
  • Put salsa or Tabasco on EVERYTHING. It revs up the metabolism.  Particularly effective with pastries & pies.
  • Eat with your fingers.  No fair scooping anything into the palm of your hand!

At each meal eat only what can fit in 3 mini custard cups.  Portion control

1 chew for every pound to loose 20 lbs and under

Over 20 pounds chew ½ chew per pound

¼ chew per pound

Wonderful Wacky Workable Weight Rule 

  1. Guilt Goes

     Guilt is for immoral, illegal or unethical behavior.  

     So unless you are:

        stealing food from a starving child or embezzling to buy cupcakes & milk-  

     pick another feeling!

 ♫♫♪  Somewhere Over the Rainbow  ♫♪ Plan


Somewhere over the rainbow  ♫♫ ♫♪♪♪

Way up high

I’m at a weight that I dream of

The scale doesn’t lie.

Somewhere over the rainbow ♫♫♪

♫♪♪ In the sky

I see the ideal me

What a high.

Now here’s what you do:

  1. Before you eat sing the song. ♫♪♪
  2. Only eat food the color of the rainbow. 

                   Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple 

3.  Put a picture of a rainbow, or Judy Garland, up on your refrigerator 


Max’s Walking Song ♫♫ ♫♪♪♪

♫ ♫♪♪♪  Sung to the tune of  “Knick Knack Paddy Whack Give the dog a bone this ole man goes rolling home”

My new me

It’s the 1

I play knick-knack

On my tum (bum, you pick!)

(Chorus) ♫♫ ♫♪♪♪

With a knick knack

Healthy snack

Give my mind a tone  ♫♪♪♪

 With my new look

I’m right at home

My new me

Is slim 2

I play knick-knack

woo woo woo

(Chorus)  ♫♫ ♫♪♪♪dog

My new look

1, 2, 3

I play knick-knack

Just for me

(Chorus)  ♫♫ ♫♪♪♪

My new look

What’s it 4?

I play knick-knack

Give me more

(Chorus)  ♫♫ ♫♪♪♪

 My new me

Gimme 5

I play knick-knack

I’m alive

(Chorus)  ♫♫ ♫♪♪♪

With a knick knack

Healthy snack

Give my mind a tone

With my new look

I’m right at home.

Fabulishes Food for Tasty Treats

  • Sweet potato.  Zap it in the microwave, chill it in the refrigerator and enjoy!
  • No Pudge Fudge Mix.  Make an individual brownie in a custard cup. 2 TBL Mix to 1 TBL yogurt.    I like to add nuts for the Munch & Crunch factor,  use unflavored, sugarless yogurt and add some vanilla or chocolate (or both) extract.  Yummy.  
  • Freeze a can of pears or peaches and eat them frozen.  Just like sorbet.
  • Canned string beans.  Drain, sprinkle with salt and eat like French fries.  Not as tasty but keeps the fingers and mouth occupied.

Why – Based Eating

We are so focues on the WHAT we are going to eat, how much we are going to eat and it often doesn’t work.  At least not the second, third or fourth time you’ve tried to lose weight.  So here’s a simple switch. Rather than focus on WHAT to eat or not to eat base your choices on the why.  Here are the major Why’s we all eat:

why you are going to eat:                    Why-based Choice: 

  • Celebration                                          Chose a time period, then stop!
  • Hunger,                                                Chose to eat healthy
  • Habit (eg. noon),                                  Check out if you are hungry

                                                                                  decide on quantity

  • Obligation,                                           Say NO, it’s your body
  • Social                                                   Chose a time period, then stop!
  • Emotion (sad, mad, afraid, bored)       Substitute another activity.

Decide if or when you are going to eat.

Yes, NOW

No, not at all

Maybe, Defer to later time    and start the process all over.              


Choose  What


Whole Foods Plan 

Don’t know if you’ve ever experienced the “phenomena” of needing, wanting eating the WHOLE thing.  Like starting with one dish of ice-cream and going back for “seconds” until it’s all gone.  Or have one piece of candy and finishing the bag.  I’ve only done that once or twice myself, once or twice a day. .

So I set the rule that I can eat the ENTIRE “thing” as long as it’s one piece and I can hold it in my bare hand and I do not have to wash my hands afterwards.  That ruled out ice cream after I tried licking them clean.

It pretty much limited me to raw fruits and vegetables since a roll wasn’t the same without butter

For any one meal or a snack: 

  1. 3-4 servings 
  2. Whole food
  3. hold safely, comfortably and cleanly in your hand. 
  4. ONE piece (3 handfulls of candy don’t meet the criteria!) piece

One serving:

An apple, banana, pear

one grape, one

a hard boiled egg

a cucumber, zuchinni, 

hot dog



Creative Journaling


Write on!

  1. Celebrate the small stuff.  Write down 3 things you are proud of, satisfied with or progress you’ve made every day.
  2. Lost & Found.  Lose weight and find yourself.

     Here’s sample lead off sentences

    • “How will I ever find . . . “: 
    • “ When I lose my _________________ I feel. . . “
  1. Waist not, want not
  • I’ve wasted . . . .

What I am eating is NOT the cure for What’s eating me.

I don’t care if you are sad or angry, neglected, abandoned don’t take it out on your digestive tract!  Write about your thoughts and feelings, express them to the appropriate people, exercise away the frustration and stress but don’t swallow it in the form of food!

This is hard for me to swallow

I feel like the weight of the world is

What’s eating at me is

I am

I feel

This is food for thought

What goes around (my tongue) comes around (my waist).  Now decide how large or small a waist you want. Before you put anything in your mouth fill in the blanks:

If I eat/drink/chew/suck on _____________, then _____________________________

            Name & amount of food                                                consequences, good & bad

No further explanation needed. 


And the Beat goes On


Fill in the blanks even if you think they don’t apply to you.

Write as quickly as you can, keeping thinking to a minimum.

Beating Myself Up is . . .

A habit I’ve had since ______________

I taught myself during

I learned it from ___________

I secretly think I’m great but I don’t want others to know _____________

I don’t want to brag about __________________

If I don’t beat myself up I’ll _______________________.

The last time I beat myself up was____________________________

The next time I’ll beat myself up will probably be________________________

I regularly beat myself up over_____________________________

Others who beat me up are______________________________________

When I was young________________________________

Beating myself up can be fun when _______________________

I periodically beat myself up when____________________________________

I should _________________________________

I must _______________________________________

I could_____________________________________

I would______________________________________

I will _________________________________________

I do ______________________________________________

I don’t  _____________________________________________

I never_________________________________________

I am ______________________________________________________

Reread what you wrote and answer these questions:

Are there themes?

Are there surprises?

What didn’t you write but you thought it?

What is missing?