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October 2022
Critters with 4 legs and more
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Groov’n with Gracie (Gracie’s story appeared in the November PeggyJudyTIme CURIOUS Newsletter – to get your copy e-mail us at


Gracie Allen Westerfield

To all Human-beings: ORANGE-ALERT. (Halloween level above RED-alert)

 This Halloween
Don’t be mean
dressing, stressing up
your precious pup

Don’t you dare

make others stare

Please be fair!
let us wear
our own hair.
Example of suspicious clothing

Dear Canine Cousins:

Be on the look-out for your human coming back from the store with suspicious articles of clothing and paraphernalia that is NOT THEIR color, style or size.  If they start sweet-talking you or offering you treats RUN & HIDE.

Unite to stop Canine Anthropomophism!

What amuses humans is not for me to understand.  I don’t know about you but I never caninemorphism humans.  Maybe our Humans aren’t as smart  as we give them credit.  I love my human and I don’t want to entertain the possibility humans are insensitive creatures with no regard for our feelings.  Just in case –  BEEEEE AWAAAAARE

and Kittys & Witches…/halloween_kitty_and_witches-119280600703337771
Halloween and candy are synonymous.
It’s PeggyJudyTime for WILLPOWER!
Peggy’s Pick

I’m reading a book called Willpower by Baumeister and Tierney.  There’s lots to share from the book but here’s some fascinating  information in the first few chapters.

Researchers found willpower has a physical basis and is not lack of character.  Willpower is fueled by glucose – who knew!  Essentially, we have a store of glucose energy in the brain. Sometimes I’ve lamented that I didn’t have more willpower whether it’s something I want to do, like hike or something I don’t, like clean when my brain’s glucose storehouse is depleted.  Diminished glucose erodes willpower and cravings for things to restore the glucose (carbohydrates, sugar,) are stronger than ever.

For months I’ve had neck pain and for months I’ve been binge watching streaming tv shows.  I’ve have less and less willpower to stop binging and go to bed at my usual earlier time.  Experiments have shown chronic physical pain leave people  with a perpetual shortage of will power because the brain’s glucose is depleted by the focused struggle to ignore the pain.

When we exercise any type of self control whether of our thoughts, emotions, impulses or behavior our brains use up its glucose and impulses take over.  Good to know.

Stay tuned for the next insights I got from reading Willpower . . . It may take bit of your willpower to wait so we’re providing you with a way to snack to increase your brain’s glucose.

TASTY Spider Oreo Treats for Hungry Spiders
  • Double Stuf Oreos work the best because there’s more filling to help keep the spider legs in. If you don’t have Double Stuf and you find the top is falling off of your normal Oreo when you add the legs, just use a little of the icing to glue the top of the cookie back on. Works like a charm.
  • You could use cute candy eyes if you’d like in place of the M&M’s.
  • You can find “shoestring” licorice at most well-stocked grocery stores or drug stores like Walgreens. It comes in red too, but I like black the most.
  • 1 package of shoestring licorice is about enough for 2 dozen spiders. I normally get 2-3 packages so I don’t run out – my kids tend to snack a lot while making these and it’s really inexpensive.
  • Oreo cookies, traditional or Double Stuf
  • black shoestring licorice
  • tube of store-bought icing
  • M&M candies

  1. Cut the shoestring licorice into 2 to 2 ½ inch pieces (scissors work great for this).
  2. Push the cut licorice pieces into the Oreo filling, 4 on each side, to look like spider legs.
  3. Place two small dots of icing at the top of the Oreo and then stick two M&M candies of the same color onto the icing to look like eyes (the icing is the glue to stick the candies on).
  4. Repeat with remaining cookies and candies.

Little Miss Moffet
Sat on a tuffet
eating Oreos.
Along came a spider
who sat down beside her
making her froze
from head to her toes.

“I’m not here to fright
just want a bite
I came for flies
but now I spys
with 8 of my eyes
a better treat
to nibble and eat”

“Heaven knows
I’m not here to impose
just fill up my silk
with a bit of milk
and a bag of Oreos
And I promise to goes.”

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