8 comments on “Pausitively Tuesday: Sit!

  1. Hahaha I love this….why do we always have to be at something anyway? Why can’t we just be? I have become a professional sitter, especially over the past few months. It frustrates me when I read things that suggest I should use this time in some productive pursuit or another. NO! For one thing this whole pandemic has created a level of anxiety I have never known before – it’s prolonged; it’s insidious; it gets inside all my barriers and causes a lot of issues, not least of which is the inability to concentrate long enough to learn anything at all. Not every day is like this but enough of them that I realize this is not the time for new learning. So to all the people who seem to think everything is okie-dokie and we should learn something new I say this: “Stop shoulding on me”!


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