Scientific Research: Lose Weight with Sex (parenthetically speaking)

It’s very difficult to design VALID research studies and this one is no exception.  (read on for my scientific reasoning ).

“German researchers gave a group of men a dose of oxytocin thought to be roughly the amount released by the brain after breast-feeding or sex, according to lead author Manfred Hallschmid of the University of Tübingen”. 

“These men and another group who took a placebo then had a chance to eat as much as they wanted at a breakfast buffet, and later the same day they were offered snacks”. (The difficulty with studying sex is it’s often impossible to get a valid measure of as-much-as-WANTED).

“Those who took oxytocin ate fewer snack calories, but the hormone did not change how much the men ate during the main meal, suggesting that oxytocin affected pleasure eating without suppressing normal appetite mechanisms.” 

Scanned Rats_4

Male Mammal

“The researchers hypothesize that the hormone diminished reward-seeking behavior initiated in the ventral tegmental area of the brain, a region found to be highly sensitive to oxytocin in rodent studies” (Rodents and humans are good to compare since both are mammals).

The effect may also be stress-related: subjects who took oxytocin saw a drop in their levels of the stress hormone cortisolaccording to the paper published in 2013 in the journal Diabetes. More work is needed to understand whether oxytocin could be used to treat obesity, but until then the finding at least hints that it may be possible to curb your cravings by having more sex.” (giving you less time to eat)

 (A reasonable conclusion: This study is flawed since male mice & men are naturally picky eaters)

If you don’t believe me read the article:

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2 comments on “Scientific Research: Lose Weight with Sex (parenthetically speaking)

  1. Where was this MAX YOUR MIND post 50 years ago when I really needed it? Thanks for keeping us up to date on research, and the dog looking through the microscope is always good for a smile.


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