I’m electronically vulnerable . . . gulp . . . and I’m not talking about my

cell phone, or computer.  I have a pacemaker (who I’ve written about many times)

Tallulah PaceHead, my Cranky Pacemaker

and a home monitoring device which sits on my bedroom dresser and electronically sends information to my doctor who can immediately see how my heart is beating . . .  or not.  

 judy’s Pacemaker, Tallulah Pacehead

After reading this news synopsis I have vowed to be more loving to my friends and VERY solicitous of  my enemies.  Anyone with a bit of malice could hijack* Tallulah.

“Medical implants with wireless functionality are becoming increasingly common. They can be programmed, controlled and recharged without the need for surgery or wires.”

“Now cybersecurity experts have warned that medical device hacking could take an even more disturbing twist as patients begin to receive implants in their brains. Known as Deep Brain Stimulation, these devices deliver electrical pulses to neurons in the brain on or off. They are already being used to treat conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, but are being trialed in patients suffering from Tourettes Syndrome, chronic pain, depression, anorexia, mood disorders, and obsessive compulsive disorder.”

“Researchers at the University of Oxford warn wireless programming used to control these brain implants could be hijacked by hackers to induce pain, tremors or even alter their behavior.”

“While more convenient, these wireless medical devices are also far more vulnerable to hacking.

*Former US Vice President Dick Cheney had the wireless function on his pacemaker turned off in case foreign powers tried to use it to assassinate him.”

Ay iiiii iiiiiiiii, I’m in BIG trouble.  I’m a Democrat

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