2 comments on “PAUSEitively Tuesday: Guilt & Anxiety

  1. I find this quote relatable and read the linked article which suggests that we can alter our anxiety by changing how we choose to view the world. While that may be true, it doesn’t account for the impact that others make on our lives. Negative provocations can make me spin out of control. I don’t suffer from clinical depression, but I do get angry when other people intentionally do things to make me angry or upset. So when a tree falls on my house, I can chalk it up to nature and move to fix what’s broken. When someone cuts a tree knowing it will fall on my roof, I get angry before I fix the roof. The roof may be damaged either way but I’m not one to grin at the instigator with the ax. That said, I’m working on not letting things consume me with rage, no matter what/who instigates the injury. It’s also the reason I vote.


    • Shari,
      Thank you so much for your HONEST and thoughtful reply because I’m sure it resonates with a lot of people. Your observation that anger is a response to injury is right on target. You’re right – the trick is to figure out if the injury is intended or the result of other people’s limitations/their own injuries and limited capabilities. I have to remind myself that anger is a neurochemical response to help mobilize me for survival. I’m not an angry person by nature but when I blow it’s hot lava.

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