Frankly Freddie – A CURIOUS recap of i.i.i.

In case you missed it here’s some more CURIOUSLY INCREDIBLY INTERESTING INFORMATION (i.i.i.):

Eye my View – The Secrets of the Lotus Flower

Happiness Hacks – Touch Much

Judy’s PSYCHO-logical Mind – How to live in the present moment

Full disclosure:  I Freddie Parker Westerfield, was not the author of these posts.  I farmed them out and then cunningly edited down the verbosity of inexperienced copy writers.


3 comments on “Frankly Freddie – A CURIOUS recap of i.i.i.

  1. I don’t get it. What’s the point of saying Freddie didn’t write any of the posts that came from him??

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    • Dear Joyce,
      I gather my post was not clear which is highly unusual for me. The posts I mentioned were past posts that I didn’t write but felt worthy of giving exposure because Peggy & Judy (who wrote them) are a bit jealous of my acclaim and I don’t want them to stop giving me treats.


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