Frankly Freddie, Keeping Secrets Is Hazardous To My Health (yours too)

Dear EVERYONE, particularly those who love me enough to follow me on both my blogs Curious to the MAX and here,

Peggy and Judy have put my health at risk.  I’ve had to keep the BIGGEST secret ever about this blog. My consultant -Dr. Allen Towfigh, a neurologist and sleep medicine specialist at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Cornell Medical Center explained that keeping secrets is not healthy:

“Sleep may be disturbed, which could lead to emotional mood swings and a propensity to be ill-tempered or lose your cool. (Luckily, I can sleep all night and most of the day, consequently, nothing, including my mood, swings.)  You may also have difficulty with memory and learning.”

“And the excess release of cortisol will cause a host of other ailments, including possible increase or loss of appetite and disruption of metabolism.”  (Thank goodness I haven’t lost my appetite but who knows about my metabolism.)

Spiking cortisol levels have also been linked to: 

  • weakened immune system
  • osteoporosis
  • Increased blood pressure and . . .
  • a loss of collagen in the skin, which can lead to deeper wrinkles and a loss of elasticity. (I have noticed that Peggy and Judy have more wrinkles which is divine justice for making me keep this secret)

“Neuroscientists now believe it’s biologically better for us to confess our secrets, or better, just to refuse to be party to someone else’s. The reason: holding on to them puts the brain in an awkward, compromised position. The cingulate cortex, essential to our emotional responses, is wired to tell the truth. This “logical lobe” signals other regions of the brain to share information so it can move on to more important functions, like learning. But when you keep a secret locked inside, you don’t allow the cingulate to perform its natural functions. Instead, the cortex becomes stressed.”

Catnip is now . . .

Ta Da!

Finally!  No more secret.  My cingulate cortex can tell the truth!

Maui is still the “muse” but thankfully they renamed the blog to better reflect its mission, though I still think it should be named FREDDIE and the MIND:

The focus on both blogs is still the same:

MAX your MIND (formerly known as CATNip) – Tips, tools and techniques for health & wellness based on neuroscience and current scientific research.

CURIOUS to the MAX – Stuff that makes us smile, learn and gives expression to our more  personal & “creative” sides.

For those of you who subscribe to both blogs (YEA YOU!) there will still be fresh content on each.

Here’s to a HEALTHY New Year!

Freddie Parker, No Secrets, Westerfield


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