Frankly Freddie – It’s a bird, it’s a plane, It’s Our SECRET

It’s coming . . . it’s in the works . . . it’s a new . . .

. . . can’t tell you more as I’m sworn to secrecy.  So I’m learning the art of the “tease” which is hard for us canines since we are rather a shoot straight from the tail breed.

I’m swearing YOU to secrecy even though it’s causing me “EMOTIONAL BURDEN”:  Don’t tell anyone . . . Peggy & Judy are creating a new blog banner, a new blog URL, a new blog concept . . . a new name for this blog.

During the past two years Peggy, Judy and I have been blogging partners.  Peggy draws, schedules, writes and keeps Judy on track.  Judy writes, draws and gets off track.  As the fan favorite I maintain relationships, editorial rights and INSPIRE you.

We are now Bi-Bloggers – revamping, revitalizing and combining forces on both this blog and Curious to the Max*.

Peggy and Judy originally named this blog CatNip in tribute to Maui, Peggy’s real life cat, who regained the use of his paralized back legs by repatterning his brain.  I’ve always thought it a bit unfair that Curious to the Max is dedicated to another dog (Max), this blog to a cat and there are no blogs dedicated to me.

Maui is still the muse but FINALLY Peggy and Judy are renaming it.  I’m voting for FREDDIE and the MIND.

Remember!  It’s our secret . . .

*P.S. Curious to the Max will continue to focus on the “creative”, the “curious” and lotsa stuff that make Peggy & Judy learn and laugh. (I don’t think they care if you laugh, as long as they are having fun . . .don’t tell them I told you . . . it’s our secret).


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