Is Your Style at odds with Your Sense of Self?

My wardrobe has seldom reflected my inward sense of self.  I dressed “appropriately” when working . . . relatively conservative, mostly mono-chromatic colors.  Even though I’ve always been attracted to the unconventional, whimsical and wildly colorful, comfort was my main criteria.  Sessions needed to focus on my clients not on my “decor”.

The most audacious thing I did was dye the back of my hair purple.  One day, the husband of a couple I’d seen for several months remarked about my purple hair to his wife .  She responded defiantly, “She doesn’t have purple hair” (she was often defiant).  I turned around to show her that he was correct.  That was the last time I saw them.  I let the purple grow out.

Fashion Style by Meowie

Now that I am retired and don’t have to be concerned about scaring away clients I’ve given little thought to my “appearance” and opt for jeans, running shoes and baggy t-shirts.  

Serendipitously I clicked on this video.  The speaker not only moved me but made me stop and think:  Do I inwardly “FEEL” casual and baggy . . . ?

“If you think style is superficial, then Stasia’s personal story of how she redefined style might just change your mind… and your wardrobe.  In this moving and highly personal talk, Stasia shares how she tried to protect her 5-year-old daughter — who had physical differences — from the pain of not fitting in by dressing her in “the cutest little bootcut jeans and capped sleeves you’ve ever seen.” But it was her daughter, and her request for a button down shirt and bowtie, that transformed Stasia’s understanding of how crucial style is to our sense of self.”

 I admire people who dress themselves artistically, in broad strokes of color, design and pattern. 

My conclusion:  My outward appearance is not congruent with how I view myself

. . . maybe a bit of purple with the grey?

How do you want to present your”self” to the world?




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