Artistic License

This was supposed to be posted on Curious to the Max, the blog where we post all things “Curious” . . . too many blogs, too little time, too little grey matter . . . .judy

Doing little mini paintings.  They appeal to my need for instant gratification.

6″ x 6″ acrylic on canvas board

91/2″ x 91/2″ Acrylic on cereal box

I don’t care about painting exact replicas of the subject – either content or colors. . . . If you saw the reference photos you’d say “Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?”  The first reference was a picture of a slice of pumpkin pie and the second was a bucolic scene with the house in the distance.  I prefer to call it “artistic license” rather than “novice efforts”.

6 comments on “Artistic License

  1. Beautiful paintings, both. I’m guessing Peggy is the painter here, as I’m pretty sure this is not Judy’s style – but I’d love to be surprised – Judy paints on cereal boxes. I tend to paint very large but painting cards has forced me to go much smaller. Lots of admiration for these two lovelies. Also for the two paintings.


    • Shari,
      I’m looooooooooosing it. That post was suppose to go on Curious to The Max. I must have been comatose when I did it and missed all the sign-posts that I was working on Catnipblog. The house was on a cereal box and the pie was on canvas board that I got with a 50% off coupon so I splurged. It probably isn’t ultimately my “style” which I haven’t quite found yet . . . just focusing on value and such.
      jw (one of the lovelies)

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      • Now I am REALLY IMPRESSED! What beautiful gems theses are! You not only have the soul of an artist, you have great talent. Good for you pursuing art classes and trying new media, new subjects. i’m delightfully surprised, Judy. You’re definitely one of the lovelies.


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