A Happiness Hack – Pet a Pet

Peggy & Judy are compiling all the Happiness Hacks they’ve posted.  Here’s my favorite:


This hack is addictive. If it lasts more than 10 minutes it’s NOT A HACK

The Early Bird Pets the Worm

Get a pet (no wild animals please, since we don’t have liability insurance) and pet away to increase oxytocin, endorphins, and dopamine in your brain.

A Japanese study showed that playing with a dog with which you have a bond, and makes sustained eye contact with you, causes oxytocin to spike in both!

Several studies show that having a pet can reduce depression, encourage healthier habits, and increase feelings of connectedness.


Freddie Parker Westerfield, S.D.E

Supreme Dopamine Enhancer

4 comments on “A Happiness Hack – Pet a Pet

  1. It will be a while before we get out own dog, but I’m making do by caring for our neighbor’s dog most days. I wanted to walk him, but he is a moose on a leash and just likes to hang out in my house. It’s wonderful to have him nearby, my part time puppy friend.

    Love the early bird petting the worm – though we know how it really ends. A gal’s gotta eat!


    • Shari,
      I am sorry you do not have your own dog at the moment, and hope you are able to have one soon, Caring for another person’s dog is the next best thing. If you have any extra caring, or treats, left over, please stop by to see me. You are a great friend to canines. Be sure you give your moose dog friend some treats.
      Freddie Parker Westerfield, C.A.D.
      Canine Ambassador Dog

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      • Giving him treats comes with the territory of dog watching. And I bought him his own water bowl as I needed my popcorn bowl back. He likes pink so I got him a bright pink bowl. He likes other dogs so you and he would get along just great.


        • Shari,
          You are such a thoughtful human. I wish all humans we as nice to us canines as you. I am sure I would get along with your part time pet. As long as he shares his treats and water, that is.
          Freddie Parker Westerfield, C.F.E.
          Canine Friend Extrodinaire


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