Frankly Freddie Halloween Orange Alert

To all Human-beings:  It’s time for my Halloween ORANGE-ALERT.

 This Halloween

Don’t be mean!

Don’t you dare

make others stare

Dressing up

your precious pup

Please be fair!

just let us wear

our own hair.

Example of suspicious clothing

 To All my Canine Cousins:

Be on the look-out for your human coming back from the store with suspicious articles of clothing and paraphernalia that is NOT THEIR color, style or size.  If they start sweet-talking you or offering you treats RUN for your life & HIDE.

Example of humiliation.

No matter how many times I HAVE TOLD HUMANS not to humiliate us because they want to be amused it happens every year.  I prefer to think that Humans just aren’t very smart and have no memory retention beyond a few hours rather than the possibility they are simply insensitive creatures with no regard for our feelings.


Freddie Parker Westerfield, PIC&C

Protector of Innocent Creatures & Critters



6 comments on “Frankly Freddie Halloween Orange Alert

  1. It’s just one day a year, Freddie – and you and your kin all look so adorable, no matter your size. in fact, the canine versions of Halloween costumes are much better than the human ones. Please indulge your human this one day and let her dress you up in something to release the Inner You. Why, with a gold crown and a white lace jabot, I think you’d make a perfect Notorious RBG.


    • Sharon,
      True, I would look good. Maybe if YOU picked out my costume I would wear one. After all, you are an artistic human with good taste. We are alike, I am a dog who likes things that taste good.
      Freddie Parker Westerfield, CCFT
      Certified Canine Food Taster

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  2. I agree w you Freddie.
    My mom understands my feelings of being laughed at.
    She does however put a Christmas sweater on me at Christmas but she also wears Christmas attire along w me so I don’t mind.
    Good luck this year hopefully your mom will remember last years mood you were in during crazy costume time.


    • Gidgett,
      Maybe if we went trick or treating and they gave out dog treats, it may be worth the embarrassment.
      Your doggie friend,
      Freddie Parker Westerfield, C.D.F.
      Certified Dog Friend


  3. My dear Freddie, I agree with you completely. Humans are so insensitive. They humiliate other creatures and critters for their own enjoyment. I guess you just have to grin and bear it.


    • Linda,
      Or humiliate them back. Actually, there is little need for this, as humans are always humiliating themselves. I think I will go put my paws over my face. My human is pretty understanding, and only occasionally humiliates me.
      Freddie Parker Westerfield, O.H.C.D.
      Occasionally Humiliated Canine Dog


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