A Happiness Hack – “Eau de Grass”

We’re excited to let you know that we are compiling all the Happiness Hacks we’ve posted.  Here’s a “hack” that that surprised us.

Mow-on by Peggy

Mowing my lawn always makes me feel good.   I’ve figured it was because I love being outside and mowing was good exercise.  However, it’s a pretty small lawn and I don’t get a lot of exercise. I was surprised to read about research done at The University of Queensland in Australia finding that the smell of freshly cut grass increases feel-good neurochemistry in the brain.*

Their studies convinced the researchers cut grass smell was as powerful as well-known scents like:

 lavender, cinnamon, vanillacitrus, baby powder, pine, rose, rosemary, sunscreen and peppermint

They isolated the chemicals to create cut-grass aroma and have bottled it.  You can buy cut grass smell!

. . . or you could mow your lawn. Use a push-mower to get a twofer – aerobic exercise & happy aroma.

After all, your nose is very close to your brain . . . and connected to your happiness!

*University of Queens land researchers found that the scent of cut grass works directly on the amygdala and hypo-campus and makes you happier and less stressed.  They created a spray with the scent of cut grass called SerenaScent



6 comments on “A Happiness Hack – “Eau de Grass”

  1. The mindless mostly repetitive task is refreshing and distracts from the day to day stress-stuff. Will pay attention to the olfactory/happiness contribution.
    Also, mowing my lawn definitely makes my neighbors happy as I usually let it go too long in between mowings giving it a distinctive savanah-like look. The rabbits seem to appreciate the delays…


  2. Scents lead the way. Our noses drag us around and make us dip our fingers into the spaghetti sauce, tear off a corner of the cookie, and inhale the entire sandwich when we were only going to take a nibble. Seems like mowing the lawn is not only good for the grass blades but great for the figure – in more ways than one. One of my favorite fragrances is petrichor – the smell of the world while it’s raining. I need some of that now. We all do. Then it will be time to cut the grass again.


    • Linda,
      Still, I think I will stick to mowing it instead. Although when we were young inArizona we would suck on a stem of grass (Bermuda, I think). Enjoy your grass, whichever way you like.


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