Frankly Freddie – Spending money (on me) will make you happy

Dear Human-beings and critters with discretionary money.

Reading dry research is . . . dry.  If you don’t want to read this article, watch the video and . . .  buy me doggie treats so you feel JOYFUL.

There is scientific evidence that when you buy me treats you will feel good:  You probably think spending money on yourself makes you happy but this is NOT true.  

  1. In a series of experiments by Elizabeth Dunn and colleagues,employees were asked about their general happiness levels before and after receiving their annual bonus(2008). Regardless of the size of the actual bonus, employees who spent more of their bonus money on others or on charity reported greater general of happiness than those who spent more of it on themselves.

2. In another experiment, participants who were directed to spend a small amount of money on others (either $5 or $20) reported greater feelings of happiness than those who were directed to spend the same amounts on themselves. The dollar amount didn’t matter.  (Doggie treats cost $5 or $20)

Even human beings around the world get emotional benefits from using their financial resources to help others.  Data from 136 countries found that prosocial spending was consistently associated with greater happiness. (Lara Aknin and colleagues, 2010). 

Your Giving (to me) Brain

“Humans are social creatures, who depend on the ability to foster teamwork with others to survive. To this end, the human brain has a built-in reward system that manages how we interact with others: the neurotransmitter oxytocin.”

“With respect to the happiness that prosocial spending produces, oxytocin might have something to do with the intensity of the feeling. When we spend money on others, it’s usually on friends and family (I consider all you as FAMILY) who we consistently work to maintain good relationships with. When we spend money to help our friends and make our family smile, our brain rewards us for strengthening our social ties.”

In appreciation for your generosity,

Freddie Parker Westerfield, DCD

Deserving Canine Dog

and then send me treats.







5 comments on “Frankly Freddie – Spending money (on me) will make you happy

  1. Dear Freddie,
    Great suggestion, but as you know Lily, Buddy, and Cookie are my dogs and I am their Human. So I’m a little surprised that you would suggest I buy treats for you instead of them. They are a little hurt and disappointed. They assume you just forgot about them and therefore continue to love you! I, of course, also love you because you take care of Judy and make her happy. Kisses to you, Joyce


    • Dear Joyce,
      Tell Lily, Buddy and Cookie to get their own blog and then they can get treats. In the meantime . . . kisses are nice, treats are better
      Freddie, CCB
      Certified Canine Blogger


  2. When I worked at that big brick and mortar bookstore, I interacted with many people, often asking if they’d like to donate to whatever fundraiser the company was promoting that month. I took note of the expression of one man who declined – hard to imagine a face more angry and snarly – and I realized what a miserable excuse for a human being he was. So he didn’t give a dollar – who would have given him even a penny?

    Yes, Freddie, I owe you a treat – soon, I promise!


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