Pawsitively Tuesday – Make up your mind

 “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

Abraham Lincoln

Today, researchers are confirming that assessment. Although some of your temperament is genetic, a large percentage is under your control. In short, your happiness is up to you.

6 comments on “Pawsitively Tuesday – Make up your mind

  1. Although I am prepared to love Abraham Lincoln I am not sure about this quote.
    We can make up our mind to have a positive outlook, to stand up when broken and go.
    Happiness though comes easier for those of us who have not gone through cruelty and


    • Miriam,
      Your comment is really timely. Peggy and I are compiling information on the neuroscience of happiness and what we’ve found is that there is a feed-back loop between the areas of the brain that “think” and create the neurochemistry of feelings.

      You’re right about people who have suffered. Research shows that trauma experience actually changes the brain and those who have gone through cruelty and war do indeed have a different neurochemical response to the world.

      Thanks for your stimulating comment.


    • Peta aka GGT,
      As one who struggles at times with fiber-fog and depression it give me a window on both the negative and positive. It’s fascinating (albeit frustrating and disheartening) to observe myself get caught in negative spiraling when the fiber symptoms kick in. The brain is a miraculous creation . . . even when it isn’t working like I wanted it to.


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