Pawsitively Tuesday – Give Boasting a Boost

If it’s true it ain’t bragging!

Curious Critters by Peggy

I’ve taken note that when I compliment someone in my art class on their drawing they immediately “put it down”.  They curl up their nose, or point out what they think they didn’t draw well or worse .. . .

(I recognize this reaction from my own teen-age years – if you acknowledged you did a good job it was considered bragging, boasting and not showing humility.)

I’ve been training my fellow art students that no matter what they think, don’t put down my perception.  Just smile and say THANK YOU.



4 comments on “Pawsitively Tuesday – Give Boasting a Boost

  1. It is all our parents’ fault. They programmed our mind to believe that we are not good enough. I was taught to respond to a compliment by saying “I don’t deserve it.” My mother told me that when I went for my job interview to tell the interviewer that I did not know anything. Then why would they want to hire me?


    • Linda T.,
      I think a lot of people in our parents’ generation thought that “humility” was a virtue – the only problem was many of us grew up believing our accomplishments and attributes were to be embarrassments instead of pride.


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