Great News if you’re in hot water! No need to exercise – A Hot Bath Can Do Good Things

I fill up my tub, climb in, sink down till the water hits my chin.  Just imagining it now I can feel my muscles relax,  my mind relax into the warmth. I love soaking in water.  It turns out that a hot bath has lots of benefits besides relaxing your muscles, warming you up and letting you relax.



6 comments on “Great News if you’re in hot water! No need to exercise – A Hot Bath Can Do Good Things

    • Linda,
      The research we found finds that hot baths lower blood pressure (expanding the blood vessels by the heat?). There is another post coming on April 28 that will touch on this, and refer to the research. Stay tuned! And thanks!


  1. I have to say that I appreciate this post as Ben and I have an ongoing difference of opinion. I love hot water. That is, soaking in as hot as possible tubs and showers at a decent heat even if alternated with cold. But I love hot water. Maybe because growing up in South Africa we did not have central heating and in Winter the only way to get warm before bed as kids was a hot bath. He on the other hand likes a tub to be um well to me, tepid!! Viva la difference!

    Now I have added ammunition to make my point that my way is the right way. hahaha



    • Peta,
      Getting wet is a waste, hot or cold! When you have a bath, you lose your glorious smell! Then you have to go out and roll in the dirt to get it back. It wants a lot of time when you could be getting treats or going for walks. I a for NO baths.
      Freddie Parker Westerfield, CBH
      Canine Bath Hater

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