Pawsitively Tuesday: Tripping Out

LSD was rampant in the 1960’s when I attended The University of California at Berkeley.  I was soooooo naive, having lived in Phoenix Arizona, all my life.  The first time I heard of LSD was at a party where I was told to be careful drinking the punch because it was spiked with “acid”.  I turned to my friend and questioned:  Hydrochloric?

I admit to “doing other substances but was too afraid of LSD having seen people take “bad trips”.  But NOW I’m willing to give LSD a try, the Steve Chandler* way:

Laughing, Singing & Dancing

Since I can’t carry a tune and have 3 left feet LAUGHTER will be easy.


*Steve Chandler, author of – “Reinventing Yourself” and “Fearless.”





12 comments on “Pawsitively Tuesday: Tripping Out

  1. GREAT idea! Believe those who indulged in the “other” LSD back in the day were stimulated to laugh sing and dance, the ‘Chandler’ way is undoubtedly more healthy!.


  2. Yes, those were the days! I, too, feared using drugs–even marijuana. That, however, didn’t stop my roommate, who also did not use, from being voted by our classmates as the two biggest “heads” in our Journalism School. Guess that proves that you don’t need drugs to get high … but at age 69, I’m still LSD curious.


    • James,
      I have to admit that I did “inhale” and the bad trips I witnessed satisfied my curiosity. It is a shame though that the medical benefits of LSD got trashed by everyone else who got trashed.


  3. Hahaha the cartoons are the best. This reminded me of myself as a naive 19 year old who upon being offered a joint for the first time, looked at it and said “what mind of weird cigarette IS this??” I have made up for lost time since then…


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