Pawsitively Tuesday – The crux of the the matter

It’s the performance that matters

not the applause at the end of the play

Woofer, Meowie, Squeakie, Grunter and Tweeter – Night on the Town by Peggy & judy






8 comments on “Pawsitively Tuesday – The crux of the the matter

  1. Nice reminder! A competing colleague on the other side of the closing table commented to me that they weren’t getting a lot of compensation for the relatively low priced property they sold. I suggested that first, it was a LOT of money for both the Seller and Buyer ( or almost anyone for that matter), and second that there are no small transactions, just some larger than others. I handed them my business card with its “Real Estate for You” ‘slogo’. Performing, selling, or communicating are always more rewarding when it’s not about us.


    • Duffys Dad
      There are some people who are so immersed in themselves they have trouble seeing the world through another prism. I shore (misspelling intentional) am blessed to have a brother like you. How did you get to be so smart . . . not to mention compassionate?


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