2017 goes out stiffly with a whimper and a snort

In the middle of the night

Peggy got a stiff neck

Couldn’t look left

couldn’t look right.  

Judy caught a cold

bleary eyes

red nose

miserable sickly, all told

High on the Hog by Peggy

So thanks to Peggy for posting

Meowie and Woofer for hosting

and YOU for following CATNIPblog

May you live 2018 

 high on the hog

6 comments on “2017 goes out stiffly with a whimper and a snort

  1. Sorry that Peggy and Judy are not feeling well. Maybe Meowie and Woofer can make you some chicken soup. Or snuggle next to you and keep you warm. Now that marijuana will be legal and dispensaries will start selling at 7 am tomorrow, you bet many people will be high. Get better soon. Happy new year.


    • Linda,
      Aha–marijuana for neck pain!! I know what a lot of people will be doing New Year’s Day!! If only I could drive with my stiff neck, and Judy was well enough to get out of bed!!!
      Happy New Year! and Thanks for your good wishes.


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