Pawsitively Tuesday – Burning your Bridges

Sometimes you have to burn a few bridges

to keep the crazies from following you.

a judy collage

Thanks Sharon M.!

7 comments on “Pawsitively Tuesday – Burning your Bridges

    • Sharon,
      I think it is good to reveal oneself in bits and pieces. It allows you to get feedback along the way and adapt to it. There is a reason for our masks, as well as a reason for taking them.


  1. My real estate group has numerous pet sayings, among which are; “Never argue with a crazy person” and “it’s may be OK to be arrogant or stupid, but never arrogant AND stupid at the same time”.


  2. Oh man does this resonate with me today. I’ve been really struggling to hold on to old friendships and just doesn’t feel like it’s a two way street. Makes me feel like I’m at fault for the drift and I try to hold on. But I’ve been letting go. Spiritually I always think we are suppose to never let go and build bridges and instead of walls but to let go sometimes you have to keep your personal life away from people especially when they don’t willingly want to be personal with you- Food for my thoughts 💙Xx thank you for sharing


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