Pawsitively Tuesday – Failure is not Failing

“Failure is not an option, it comes preinstalled”

Chade-Meng Tan




6 thoughts on “Pawsitively Tuesday – Failure is not Failing

    • Learnography,
      I think you have learned a lot about learning, and probably failed along the way. Knowing that failure is not the end and that hardships and challenges are to be expected lets us be less unhappy when these things occur, and we learn ti have faith that we can move past failure.

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  1. Chade-Meng-Tan must have the same computer and smart phone I have, They are possibly the only things that do not “fail forward”.

    As Jedi Maste Yoda stated “there is no try, only ‘do'”. Trying ignores failure, do-ing accepts failure as a possibility as well as a positive outcome.


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