I feel a Frown Coming On

I admit it. I’m a grouch at times.  Somedays, for no reason, no one to blame, I’m in a grouchy, growling  grumbly mood.

The “humanitarian” in me wants to let people close to me know I’m not my usual sunny self and forewarn them to give me a wide berth.  At the very least, I’d like them to know not to take my grouchiness personally.

 Ta Da!

Birth of the mood magnets by Peggy the “Grump”

by CatnipBlog

When I’m in a grouchy, growling, grumbly mood anything I say comes out grouchy, growling and grumbly eliciting responses I’d prefer not to repeat.  And so the Meowie Magnetic Mood Buttons were born!

I put “Feel’n Grumpy” on the refrigerator without having to say a word.  

Which then led to “Feel’n Sunny” which then gave rise to lots more . . .as I am a woman of many moods!


So you know what we’re up too here’s what’s on the FREE or CHEEP page for all of you who have been too grumpy to check it out: (if you want to see what’s FREE you’ll have to click on the link – you have to work a bit if you want something for free!)


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