Miracle Kitten Cassidy – Lessons Learned

Maui, my cat was the inspiration for this blog.  His healing journey taught me that with time and persistence retraining the brain is possible.  

Luckily animals don’t have the ego that gets us humans in trouble.  Animals with “disabilities” prove time and time again that living life, rather than bemoaning what they lack, is yet another important lesson.

Take a look at Cassidy, The Miracle Kitten

See how Cassidy, the two-legged #MiracleKitten is doing 7 months after his rescue.

Read about Maui’s Healing Tale


7 comments on “Miracle Kitten Cassidy – Lessons Learned

    • Sharon,
      It does! I remember Maui (see Maui’s healing tale), always trying to do the cat things he wanted to do, even when he wasn’t close to being able to do them. Especially the first time he climbed all the stairs at night, just using his front legs, to sleep where he had always slept.


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