Pawsitively Tuesday – watch your step

It’s better to walk alone

than in a crowd going in the wrong direction

even when it’s very difficult to find the path.

Thanks to Sharon Bonin-Pratt, Ink Flare for adding this last line.



4 comments on “Pawsitively Tuesday – watch your step

  1. Walking alone in a trout stream dodging thunder storms is a wonderful way to walk alone however I sure miss having a beautiful fishing companion along. There are times when it is great not to walk alone but then that is not going in the wrong direction, is it?


    • Steve,
      The trout stream walking sounds heavenly . . . just not sure about the thunder storm dodging!

      I like your question which really made me stop and think: If one believes in God then we are never walking alone. If one is a non-believer than the sense of solitude can turn into loneliness and yearning for companionship. Some of my most painful moments were feeling lonely in the presence of others.
      Perhaps there is no wrong direction – the important thing is how we travel.



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