10 comments on “Pawsitively Tuesday – A Whale of an Idea

  1. Sorry…I can’t even think of eating whale. It made me sad to read the comments that were supposed to be funny. I love whales. I believe they are sensitive and caring gigantic mammals that we need to keep safe in this free for all world.


    • So sorry Barb if the comments made you sad. I love whales too and cows and especially pigs (who are extremely intelligent). I do eat chicken and fish but that’s because when I went vegetarian I never got enough of the required nutrients. I admit to being a lazy cook and meal planner.

      I just saw a special on Alaska natives and how their lives actually depend on eating whale – I guess it’s all subjective BUT I abhor the indiscriminate killing of anything for financial gain. You are right in labeling this a “free for all world”.



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