Positively Tuesday – Regrets for growing old?

My dad traveled the world: Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan. and Tahiti where he found his 3rd wife.   Hawaii was one place he returned to often and where he lived  the last few years of his life.  He died at 93, blessed to live a long life and see the world.

Dad loved wine, so maybe its reputation for adding years to ones life is deserved.

My Father’s 93rd birthday

I’ll raise a glass of wine (and have a bit of chocolate) to my dad for inheriting his love of travel and, hopefully, long-lived genes.







8 comments on “Positively Tuesday – Regrets for growing old?

    • Steve,
      He was fun, and had a very good life. He even made the most of being old, moving to Hawaii where he could walk everywhere when he could no longer drive. And as you know, he loved wine!


  1. Wow your dad looked positively great for 93. He must have done something right! Probably the passion for travel kept him young and interested in things and the wine, well that can’t hurt, can it? Although Ben says, it must be the third wife!!!



  2. A long life combined with an excellent quality of life. Your dad was a lucky man. Some people may have a long life but no quality of life.


    • Linda,
      He was lucky!He also kept active. There was a poem he shared with me, which I only partly recall, about how sitting down all the time is not what people were meant to do–and he did not do that.


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