Positively Tuesday – 6 best FREE doctors in the world

Research continues to focus on these six things to live a healthy life:

SUNLIGHT – Vitamin D is necessary for health.  (Hang out with lizards).

REST – 7-8 hours restorative sleep a night helps your brain. (Try cat-napping).

EXERCISE – Our bodies are meant to move.  (Climb a tree, chase a mouse).


Photo by Julian Rad

DIET – Eat protein at every meal, it’s food for the brain. (Mice are tasty).

SELF-CONFIDENCE – Accomplish something everyday, even if it takes 12 tries (which is a cat’s average number of attempts to catch one mouse).

FRIENDS – People with social connections live longer and are healthier.  (Hang out and howl with other cool cats).



11 comments on “Positively Tuesday – 6 best FREE doctors in the world

    • Shari,
      Make sure you book-mark the post. (don’t ask me how to book-mark though – I just like to throw around techie terms so people will think I’m smarter than I am)


  1. My social connections are getting sparse since losing several in last few years or eliminating by choice those not bringing me ‘joy’. 😊

    Sent from my iPhone Linda



    • Linda B.
      Yes, I do understand. The older I “grow’ the fewer my social connections are also. There are so many who have died, moved away and the few left I don’t have much energy to keep up. Luckily the few left are special – wonderful people who understand when my energy is flagging and the fibromyalgia is fogging. Perhaps it’s God’s way to help us detach from the physical world.


  2. I enjoy a cat nap in the afternoon. I manage to accomplish something everyday even if it means going to the pantry to get a snack.


  3. I read this post while eating my lunch. I shuddered when I read that “mice are tasty”. Yuck!
    Suddenly, my chicken lunch doesn’t look so appetizing. But, I’ll power through because I know I need that protein!


    • I will take a look! One of my daughters is a vegetarian and has been since high school. I ate semi-vegetarian when she lived with me for a couple of years, and do so a couple of times a week. Sugar is something else–I am trying to reduce it, but can’t find something to drink that I like that has no sugar#$%#@@%^


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