Brain Degeneration & Weight Research

One of the all time biggest motivators is fear & pain.  My guess is it’s a throw-back to our cave-men and cave-women days when fear & pain helped us seek safety, harness fire and stay away from poisonous mushrooms and berries (not to mention snakes and tigers).

I have needed to lose 20 pounds for several years.  NEEDED because my blood pressure is too high, my knees too painful and much of the weight is around my middle (considered to be the most dangerous for health).  I try to motivate myself to lose pounds by reading about the dangers of being over-weight.  Here’s my latest:


Scardy Cat

Scaredy Cat by Peggy

“More recently, a brain scanning study including more than 500 participants confirmed that being overweight or obese is associated with a greater degree of age-related brain degeneration. These effects were biggest in middle-aged people, in whom the obesity-related changes corresponded to an estimated increase in ‘brain age’ of 10 years.”

“Obesity is a complex condition with many contributing factors, however; so exactly how it might affect brain structure and function is still unclear.” Body fat is the defining feature of obesity, but you’ve also got things like insulin resistance, hypertension, and high blood pressure” . . . “These can go hand in hand with behavioural factors [such as overeating and lack of exercise] and they can all potentially cause changes in the brain.”

If this doesn’t inspire me perhaps fear isn’t my biggest motivator after all.

 What is your most potent motivator?


Click here for the article: why-obesity-damages-your-mind-as-well-as-your-body

4 comments on “Brain Degeneration & Weight Research

    • Shari,
      Me too. Sigh, alas. I try to motivate myself by finding articles that explain how unhealthy the extra pounds around my middle are . . . so far I’ve not found the right article . . . probably because my brain has already degenerated the motivation centers.

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  1. I love the sketch!!! Am definitely motivated by good health. Eating nutritious meals is hopefully my health insurance. But I also don’t like feeling heavy both physically and psychologically.



    • Peta,
      Thanks!! Glad you like the scary cat! It is wonderful that you motivate yourself in a positive way! I think that is a happier way to do things, although I admit I sometimes use fear to get myself to do things -it works in a pinch (?is that a pun? or a bad joke?)


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