Pawsitively Tuesday, Eat, Pray, Love by Penelope

Penelope and I met many years ago.  I went for a carton of milk and there she was, an albino pig, in a grocery store.  She was in a dangerous situation – it was only time before she ended up on the meat aisle. (OIY VEY)  So for $9 I took her home with the milk.

I gave her a bit of color and a bow and she went to live in my therapy office.

Very few clients ever commented on her.  I always suspected new clients didn’t quite know what to say and my long-term clients knew me well enough that they didn’t need to say anything.
Penelope retired the same time as Freddie Parker but she still has a lot of good advice: 

How to Live Life to the Fullest

by Penelope the Pig, CPT*, RET

  • EAT greedily all the delectable things life gives you.

  • WALLOW in what’s soothing & cool.

  • SNORT at those who are not loving.

  • CELEBRATE how delicious you are.

  • PRAY you will not be eaten before your time.


*CPT, Certified Porcine Therapist


12 comments on “Pawsitively Tuesday, Eat, Pray, Love by Penelope

  1. This is hilarious! You had me there… at first I thought that $9 was rather cheap for a piglet and thought your office rather unusual. Oh silly me! Haha. Very cute you are Penelope and such good advice too !



    • Dear Peta Green,
      I DID live in my human’s office when she was in practice . . . and her office was rather unusual (in ways too numerous to recount). Thank you for the compliments as I am very cute and have good advice (if only humans would listen).

      It’s nice to hear from someone else who is green.

      Oikingly yours,
      Penelope Pig


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