Pick yourself up and dust yourself off.  Easier said than done.  When I’m “down” I often just want to wallow in my misery, lick my wounds and feel sorry for myself.  It’s easier just to brood.  

There are, however, easy things to do that actually alter your brain neurochemistry to help you feel better .   When you get tired of brooding:

1. Go for a Walk outside.

Moving releases feel-better neurotransmitters.  Research  shows that if you walk outdoors, somewhere green,  the effect is enhanced.  scientifically proven to make you feel better. 

Journal Writing by Peggy

2. Vent Your Frustrations Into a Journal

Get paper and pen and write whatever comes to your mind, and no matter what it is, just keep writing. Even if it’s just, “This is stupid. Why am I doing this? Need to take out the garbage,” Focus on your frustrations. Write for a minimum of 20 minutes so your unconscious takes over.  Once you’ve done a mind-dump your brain can move on .

3. Call a Friend or Family Member

You may not want to burden anyone else with your bad mood but sometimes a friend or family member is needed . Let them know up front you don’t need advice just a listening ear. It helps you feel not so alone, lets your brain “objectively observe” whatever is stressing you . . . and knowing there are people who care can help shift your perspective.

Cat ‘n Mouse Phone Chat, by Peggy

4. Practice Gratitude

A simple way to stop feeling sorry for yourself and dwelling on everything that is going wrong is to focus on what is going right. Write down 3-5 things in your life, or on that day, that you are grateful for. . . .  look for things you take for granted: indoor plumbing, no toenail fungus (that is, of course if you have indoor plumbing and toenails)  . . .  the more you practice gratitude, the more you experience it.

5. Laugh Out Loud in Front of a Mirror

This sounds a bit weird BUT your laugh muscles signal the brain to release positive neurochemicals.   Even if you just smile broadly it works.  

If you want the easiest way to feel better check out an over-the-counter remedy Click here: Rx for Gratitude

More? Four easy ways to get happy 



    • Linda,
      That is absolutely one to add to the list. The only shows I watch are those that either make me smile, teach me something or show me parts of the world I’ll never get to see in person . . . Thanks for the reminder.


  1. I love this post, the article and the artwork. You two are a fabulous team, but this one is so absolutely true. I’ve tried all five of the solutions at times and find them effective. Walking is my favorite but I’m afraid to walk in the dark. (Yes, my fears are ridiculous.)

    I’d suggest one other remedy, but only if you are religious or spiritual. Pray. Which could be logged under the gratitude category. I find reading prayers or making up my own to be very helpful, especially accompanied with chanting. It forces me to concentrate outside of myself.

    So right now I am very thankful to read this blog. And I feel better too. Thanks, Judy and Peggy.


    • Thank YOU Shari,
      Prayer in any form is probably the very best. Your comment about forcing us to concentrate outside of ourselves to the incomprehensible crates both humility and inspiration. I’m pretty sure we have a coming post on prayer and gratitude. (The reason I’m only “pretty” sure is because Peggy does all the scheduling. For that I’m REALLY grateful because if I was in charge posting would be totally sporadic like on Curious to the Max!)
      It’s true we make a good team as we try to assign tasks based on our strengths not our weaknesses – guess who is the organized one? . . .

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have used numbers 1, 3 and 4 with good results. I especially enjoy going in nature which always makes me feel better. Practicing gratitude is the key to happiness! Number 2 and especially number 5, were new to me! Terrific post with accompanying artwork!



    • Peta,
      Agreed! Practicing gratitude is the key to happiness and it’s free and always available. Thanks Peta for taking time to comment. I can’t wait to see some of your artwork.


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