How to avoid getting upset around angry, mean, “toxic” people – Quick tip

The answer is sitting in your imagination (and in your kitchen) right now.

This was the topic in a group of patients who had been discharged from our hospital psychiatric unit.  That’s not me you’re thinking.  BUT you, too, have undoubtedly been confronted with “toxic” people.  

If not “toxic”, all of us, at one time or another, have wanted protection from otherwise unpleasant people .  Most of us don’t have the money or the wherewithal to move away or “divorce” ourselves from family or colleagues.  

The BIG question  

How do you protect yourself from the negative energy of people when they are standing right in front of you?   Listen to what this incredibly imaginative group of people came up with!

ELEVEN Uses for Press ‘n Seal

Imagine using “Press N Seal” to separate yourself from the person who is making you feel anxious, fearful, sad or just plain downright uncomfortable! 

While the “toxic” person is right there in front of you, in your imagination, rip off a huge piece of Press N Seal and put it between yourself and the offending party, then “seal” it with your finger.

Research shows our brains can’t tell the difference between what is literally happening and what we imagine happening. 

Imagining “press ‘n sealing” puts mental space between you and them – you stay calm and better able to cope with what they are saying or doing. It may even make you laugh, but consider the consequences of doing that . . . probably better to imagine yourself smiling while you wrap them tightly in another ripped off piece of Press ‘n Seal.



8 comments on “How to avoid getting upset around angry, mean, “toxic” people – Quick tip

  1. If this solution was meant to be a joke, then “ha, ha.” If not, it seems really ludicrous. It would only antagonize the “toxic” person, who might turn physical and punch the idiot with the “Press-and -Seal. “


  2. OMG!!! This couldn’t be more timely in my life with the situation I am confronting every day at work. I believe in ‘signs’ from a higher power and this is the second one I had today. Yesterday, at work, I had to see a co-worker get handed an important job over myself and another employee, who was far more capable than anyone in our department . This person is one of the most toxic person I have had to deal with on a daily basis in a work environment. So it’s my day off and I decide to catch up on my recorded programs. Americas Got Talent has a young woman on who became totally deaf 15 years ago. Her life passion and talent was music. Long story, short version: she worked at training herself to continue playing an instrument and singing. She was absolutely amazing and got an instant standing ovation and a ‘go directly to the live show’ from the judges. I was in tears, of course, and asked myself ‘if she can have the faith and belief in herself, how can I not believe in myself enough to deal with someone who I am allowing to cause me anxiety and emotional trauma’.

    I do try to keep up with the Catnip blogs and definitely get good vibes off the subjects, but rarely take the time to respond. Today was one of those days I had time to read a few of them. DUH!!! second sign. I didn’t need to wonder if the signs today were a coincidence.

    Thanks Judy and Peggy!!! You are to be blessed for your dedication to getting the newer more effective ways of dealing with all the crazies in our lives, including those of us that are sometimes one of the crazies (said with compassion).



    • Judy,
      In your work space you might try imagining wrapping them in heavy duty aluminum foil.
      There are no coincidences!
      jw & PA
      Thanks for taking your precious time off to comment today – we know that comments help and inspire others as much as our posts hopefully do


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