Eat your way to happy? (parenthetically speaking)

(There are three major symptoms for fibromyalgia:  depression, fatigue and whole body pain.  I have all three and then some . . .  The worst for me is fatigue, with depression coming in second and whole body pain third.  I follow the research, always hoping something new will be discovered in its treatment.)


New research on treatments for depression presents an intriguing finding: a healthy diet may help depressed patients.

New Research on Treating Depression With Diet
by Sumathi Reddy, The Wall Street Journal

It is part of the nascent field of nutritional psychiatry which uses changes in diet to help treat mood disorders.
“The study in the journal BMC Medicine, found that a third of patients assigned to a group that followed a modified Mediterranean diet met the criteria for remission in 12 weeks, compared with just 8% in a control group.”

“There is a large body of evidence, both observational studies and animal studies, that links diet to the risk of developing depression and the prevalence of depression, said Felice Jacka, a professor of psychiatric epidemiology and nutritional psychiatry at Deakin University in Australia and senior researcher on the study. Dr. Jacka is also president of the International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research.”

“Psychiatrists cautioned that the study provides no evidence that diet changes could replace traditional treatments for depression; but it could be beneficial as an add-on treatment.”

(Here’s where it becomes problematic for people with major depression and people like me who are too lazy to cook) 

“It may also be an impractical prescription: cooking healthy meals requires motivation and planning, a big demand for depressed patients. Depressed patients have difficulty putting plans into action so would likely require assistance, experts said.”  (Assistance in the form of a personal chef . . .)
“They have this sense of fatigue and inability to get up and go, and any mental effort they feel is overwhelming and exhaustive,” said Robert Shulman, associate chairman of psychiatry at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. “(YUP, I’ll eat to that)

“The study, the first randomized controlled one, consisted of 67 people diagnosed and already being treated for a major depressive disorder. The mean age was 40 and most were overweight.
About half were in a dietary-intervention group. They received help planning a diet which included a lot of fruits, vegetables, beans, fish, whole grains, lean red meat, olive oil and nuts, and cut back on sweets, (OUCH) processed foods, soft drinks and other unhealthy items.” 

‘”Dietary changes may be especially helpful for people who are mildly depressed and don’t want to go on medication, said Joshua Weiner, a psychiatrist in McLean, Va. “If you have a motivated patient I’m all for this,” he said. “The problem is many kinds of patients aren’t motivated.”’
Results may be better for people who have poor eating habits to begin with, he said.”

Read the entire article click HERE

(Alas . . . the indicators for healthy eating are piling up.  It’s so much easier to pop a pill.)



12 comments on “Eat your way to happy? (parenthetically speaking)

    • LeggyP,
      How so? in that it’s easier to manage? One of the problems is keeping bread and the like out of the house (my husband frequently shops and he loves bread and ice cream – so do I)


  1. I eat on the run way too often and that’s always problematic because I eat crap most of the time. But I know what I should do – just don’t do it and I dislike cooking. Planning, shopping, prepping, cooking, cleaning up – ugh!


    • Shari,
      I could have written your comment. The older I get the more I eat on the run. The problem is the run and the calories don’t cancel out each other. Ditto to your ugh and I add arrrrrgh.


    • Jacqui,
      That’s so weird you just said that because the same thing happens to me . . . the healthier I eat 3 meals the more weight I gain. I do know, however, that bread and sugar are not my friend in the weight department, just the taste department.

      Not sure what you mean though by “skipping the rest”.


  2. One thing I do just about every morning is prepare a healthy drink with my nutribullet. My freezer and Costco make it easy! Costco is carrying more and more organic, healthy foods. They have a huge bag of Power Greens that contains a mix of swiss chard, kale, and spinach. I throw the whole bag in the freezer. Costco also has frozen, organic blue berries. At the beginning of the week, I chop up apples and put them in a zip lock and freeze those as well. Then, every morning, I grab a handful of the berries, apples and power greens (and water) and pulverize them in my nutribullet. The result is a healthy drink to take to work with me. This eases my conscience that at least I’m starting the day with a nutritious breakfast. Then, I don’t feel so guilty eating those potato chips after lunch. 🙂


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