All God’s Creatures

We have posted about the benefits of meditation and nature.  Take just a few minutes to:

Meditate on the sounds and sight of THE HUMMINGBIRD POOL PARTY.

A record 30 hummingbirds bathe together at one time

Thanks LYN!

13 comments on “All God’s Creatures

  1. That is amazing – I want a fountain like this one in my yard! The sound and beauty of trickling water and HUMMINGBIRDS!

    My son’s family has a tree in their yard that hummingbirds build nests in. The nests are often so low, we can see the eggs and then the babies. The babies are trained by Mom to sit so still while she is gone, they look like they are dead. But they are waiting quietly for dinner. I love all birds, and hummingbirds are at the top of my list.


    • Hummingbirds are great! I once rescued a baby bird. It would not eat pieces of spider or rice. Then I realized it was a hummingbird, so I put sugar water on a petal–and it licked it off! I found someone who rescued hummingbirds to take it, because I had two cats at the time.


    • Shari,
      I found a fountain like that – cost over $100 with all the attachments . . . figured the hummers could feed off the flowers instead. There is something about miniatures that is particularly endearing . . .

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