Frankly Freddie – Sniffing Around

CATNIP readership, is particularly well-read and accomplished, not to mention famous, as evidenced by the current group of winners.

I’ve done a bit of sniffing around and found that the winners of my subscriber drawing, in addition to a prize which will be arriving by mail from Catnip Zazzle store, deserve plugs for their accomplishments.

James Greco


A published author and writes a blog – Thoughts on writing, music, news, & politics”

He’s owned by Wicket, a Bichon-Poodle Canine Dog

Jacqui Murray


Published author and writes 3 blogs – One of which is Worddreams (if you are a teacher check out her other blogs)

Currently owned by a dog and 3 blogs

Vandi Clark  


An actress, known for The Lathe of Heaven (1980), Snake with a Human Tail (2014) and Jack’s Bad Day (2010).

Currently owned by 1 dog and 5 cats. 

AND That’s NOT ALL.  

Peggy & Judy share appreciation for two people who donated their time and expertise to helping get CATNIP’s paws off the ground.  They instructed me to send them a thank-you gift from CATNIP Zazzle store too:

Sharon Bonin-Pratt

Not literally Shari

Writer & creative Artist, which is apparent by the creative picture on her blog.

Her blog is Ink Flare Blog

Currently owned by Grandchildren

Shari spent a lot of time reading and critiquing CATNIP content, linking and formatting which helped Peggy & Judy look like they knew what they are doing. 

Ronna Skinner

Graphic designer extraordinaire 


(who I thanked before but NOW she’ll get a thank you gift too!)

Ronna helped get the cats Peggy drew, safely perched onto the letters where they can play with “CATNIP” to their hearts content and make Peggy & Judy look professional.

If you want CATNIP gifts YOU should volunteer.


Freddie Parker Westerfield

Drawing Master


8 comments on “Frankly Freddie – Sniffing Around

  1. This is so encouraging. My mom had a couple of strokes which affected her left side. I’ve been taking her to physical therapy and he told her that if she does her homework, her leg’s function could return due to retraining the brain. This proves that perseverance can pay off. I will read this story to my mom so that she sees that there’s is indeed hope.


    • Ronna,
      You must have read our dedication to Maui! Do read it to your mom!! If Maui can do it, so can she. For more about some amazing recoveries in people, read “The Brain That Changes Itself” by Norman Doidge. It is on Catnip’s NEED TO READ page. Thank you again for helping with our logo!!


      • James,
        It was interesting that the winners all are creative types. But then again we are all creative and just don’t know it or have had the opportunity/direction to explore that part of us.
        You and Wicket are welcome!


    • Dear Shari B-P, human-being,
      You’re welcome in advance. I know you didn’t help “The Humans” for a prize. Peggy & judy, “the Humans”, know you didn’t help for a prize. I am the determiner of all things prizes. I need to share “the Humans’ CATNIP creations since no one will probably purchase them. I don’t want their creative efforts to be for naught because when the Humans get discouraged it’s not a pretty sight.

      You deserve gratitude and what better way than sharing “catnip” which will make you mellow and/or crazed.

      Freddie Parker Westerfield,
      Subscriber Drawing Master

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